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The Citrus Theatre

The Jewel of Downtown Edinburg

Opened with a “Black Tie Affair” on January 17, 1941, The Citrus Theatre was a staple of entertainment and nightlife in downtown Edinburg for roughly 50 years.
Not only did it bring cinematic classics to Edinburg residents, but it also highlighted worldwide events and news such as the Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Battle of The Bulge, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Vietnam War, and The Civil Rights Movement.

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The Films

Between 1941 and 1993, the Citrus Theatre played films that entertained thousands of citizens of the RGV ranging from artful dramas such as Citizen Kane to heartwarming comedies and children's classics.

The Equipment

Two Brenkert “Enarc” 35mm Motion Picture Projectors were used to project the movies onto the screen. They used “Carbon Rods” for a light source, and “Change-Overs” from one projector to the other were required every 18 minutes throughout the movie. Each projector stands at about 6ft tall and weighs over 400lbs. Despite being used since the 1940s they are still in working condition to this day.


The News

In a time before there was a television in every household, one way that people would hear about their current national and world events was through “News Reels” that played at theatres, reported by correspondents such as Edward R. Murrow.

The Infrastructure

Sparing no expense and spending what was then an exorbitant amount of $80,000.00, Dr. L.J. Montague constructed the theatre using only the finest and strongest of materials – pre-World War II steel and concrete.

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